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Our tax return services have different levels of pricing. $25 for Personal Tax Returns. $75 for Business Tax Returns. Starting at $200 for Corporate Tax Returns. If you have a rental property we charge an extra $25 per property. As well, if you have employment expenses that is an extra $25.
Accubusiness estimated turn around time is approximately 24hrs. If we are spending more time on the return that would only mean that we are trying to save you more money in tax. Extra questions, extra deductions to explore is our mission to help you receive a bigger refund.
Yes we do investment tax returns. However it is important for buying and selling prices to calculate with your broker. Brokerage firms are usually able to give you a summary sheet of all your gains and losses. We request that these are calculated with them as they have additional information that we may need. There is no additional charge for an investment tax return.
Accubusiness is always here to help. It is not usually likely after our return that you would receive additional letters. We cover all your bases. However there are times when a client may forget a T4 and that is the only time the CRA can ever change your tax return. They know exactly what you have on file and they can adjust and or add extra income at anytime.
Accubusiness is able to be contacted by email and telephone. We do have many calls per day so if you are not successful in reaching us, please email us right away. We respond to all emails in the same day. From there we can go over your tax questions and as well set up a phone call if needed.
Since our beginning of 2004 Accubusiness has attained thousands of clients over our 15 year span. In fact for most clients in a BC tax firm we rank within the top 5. We have enjoyed watching our clients grow into a more educated group from the free advice we give on a yearly bases. In addition, many clients have gone onto to run very successful businesses. Some our highest Corporate clients have gone onto reach in the hundreds of millions, large cap companies.
Yes at Accubusiness we offer free consultation all year round. We are here to help for any future questions pertaining to your tax situation and as well any issues that you may come across. Contact us as we are here to help!

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Tax Return Services | Accubusiness

Tax Return Services

Our tax return services are one of the best priced in the country.  In addition, we offer free consultation services all year round.  In addition, many companies charge per hour for your questions.  At Accubusiness we will not charge you for information as we find that our clients become more educated in taxation.  Having you as our client more informed helps us both maximize your tax return.

We have many questions on the FAQ sheet above.  However, if there are any questions that are not answered there, please contact us https://accubusiness.ca/contact-us-tax-accountants/

File Online

In addition, we are now offering tax return services online.  No matter where you are in the world you can now file a tax return with us over email and or through our new online gateway: https://accufile.ca

Our tax return service offer great prices.  Personal tax returns are $25.  Business Tax Returns are$75, and Corporate tax returns start at $200.  Furthermore, you can see this information above on our FAQ page for additional pricing.

We thank all our customers over the years for their loyalty and dedication to us.  Our tax return services have improved thanks to every one of you.  Our mission is to provide value beyond our price and help Canadians file their taxes more efficiently.

New Articles

Also see our new articles we put out every week.  As a result, there are lots of important information on these articles that can help our clients make the best of decisions.  See our page: https://accubusiness.ca/resources/

These articles cover many of the areas that clients ask the most.  This will help our clients again to be much more aware of the changes to tax codes.  As well, our clients are able to be more informed of today’s economic changes.

Contact us today for our tax return services!  Furthermore, we are here to help you and your taxation en devours.  Thank you for taking the time to read all our information on our website.  As a result, Happy Accounting!