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Accubusiness’s Tax Accountants are proud to have served over 180,000 clients all throughout Canada.  You may contact us 24 hours a day by email and of course Monday to Sunday during office hours.  Our main objective is to provide you with the best service as well as guarantee that your returns are maximized to their highest potential.

Since our beginning of 2004 we have developed alot of personal and business relationships over the years.  Our tax accountants have many clients that have been with us since the beginning.  Many of whom have gone onto be very successful businesses.  A few of our higher companies have gone to produce over a 100 million in revenue.  Other clients due to our tax accountants have improved their financial stability personally through saving tax money and more effective strategies. See our clients page for many of their testimonials. https://accubusiness.ca/clients/

As our time changes so does how we file returns.  Many returns are becoming solely based online where a client does not have to come into the office.  This can be time consuming and therefore filing online saves you time and money.  Our Tax Accountants are able to file your returns online by covering all your needs.  We are able to do this as we follow a good system to ensure nothing is missed.

You may file online with us over email, and as well you may use our affiliate service http://accufile.ca  This service provides the client with full control of the return for only $25.  Once our client enters the details of what they need, our tax accountants prepare and file the return at the clients request.